Meet the team

Board of Directors

Rose Ndjel


Nelson Ojeda

Vice President

Oumar Gueye

General Secretary

Nelson Ossé


Muhammad Zafar Kamran


Henri Robert Durandisse


Salam Hashmi


Nirvishi Jawaheer

Representative of local businesses

Edith Poudrier

Representative of out-of-territory community organizations

Nizam Uddin

Representative of the associations

Valérie Amiraux

Representative of public institutions

Park-Extension Roundtable Team

Salwa Ben Belgacem


Salwa is an expert in project management and partner network coordination.

After her experience within the largest Urban Renovation Program in France, she joined the Park-Extension Roundtable as Coordinator.

She wishes to place the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants at the heart of her mandate, promoting a richer collective impact.

*Responsible for personal data protection within the Parc Extension Roundtable.

Farid A. Benakli

Mobilization and Communication Agent

Specialized in mobilization and collective action, Farid has international experience, particularly in Mexico and Southeast Asia. He worked with several autonomous communities on migration issues, human rights and environmental issues.

Passionate about local dynamics, Farid joined the Park-Extension Roundtable as a development and communication officer in order to strengthen the participation and representation of residents within the Table while promoting its influence.

Yasmine Adelantado

Development Agent

Passionate about food issues, Yasmine has been involved in the field of food safety for more than 10 years.

She cut her teeth in social development both in Quebec and abroad on three continents. Among other things, she has worked on issues of gender equality, agricultural development and social entrepreneurship.

Passionate about social innovation, she is always looking for best practices that will help reduce inequalities and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Amina M’haia​

Liaison officer

Lawyer in Algeria and member of the Red Crescent, Amina M’haia campaigned for more than ten years for social justice, both professionally and as a volunteer, before joining the Round Table Quartier Parc-Extension team.

As a liaison officer, she promotes best practices in socio-community development by ensuring successful strategic planning.
She believes in people and in their ability to highlight the richness brought by cultural diversity.

For her, a successful migration experience is only possible thanks to the support and solidarity of the community.

“…all good done to humanity comes from the humanist spirit”, Ibn Badis.

Lucas Raimbault

Development Agent

Specialized in local social development, Lucas has worked to improve the quality of life of residents in a popular neighborhood in Toulouse (France).

In particular, he contributed, with the residents and organizations of the neighborhood, to the implementation of projects in favor of community health, employment for all, and youth development.

Committed to advocating for the rights of vulnerable people, he joins the Neighborhood Roundtable team as the project manager for the BIPE (Parc-Extension Information Office).


Arpita Adhikary

BIPE Advisor

After having spent her teenage years in Parc-Extension, this place has become a part of Arpita’s core identity. Arpita hopes to be a resourceful person who helps those in need, as she wants to give back to the community who has given her much.

Shahista Hamid Hussein

BIPE Advisor

Shanista is passionate about personal service. After several years of volunteer work with community organizations in the Park-Extension district, she joined the BIPE as an Advisor. She puts her energy and love for human relations to the benefit of the community in order to meet the needs of users.

Anastasia Georgiou

BIPE Advisor

More than 10 years in the Park-Extension district, Anastasia joined the BIPE team as an Advisor. Very involved in the community field, she wishes to continue her commitment with the Roundtable. Her objective is to be able to facilitate communication within the community and to enhance the resources present.