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Park-Extension Roundtable Meeting

The meeting brings together various partners and stakeholders in the neighborhood, such as community organizations, the CISSS-COMTL, the VSP borough, mayoral and provincial deputy’s representatives. It makes it possible for different stakeholders to exchange and gather important information regarding the various initiatives and approaches in the neighborhood. Also, it provides a space for them to highlight the issues and the needs in Park-Extension as well as to think about corresponding collective solutions.

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Collective Impact Project (CIP)

The CIP collective impact project in the Parc-Extension district represents the main lever for the establishment of the Neighborhood Table. For several years Parc-Extension has experienced the absence of a neighborhood table and a difficult period at the level of community consultation. Today, the Parc-Extension district welcomed with hope the arrival of the Collective Impact Project (CIP) funded and supported by Centraide of Greater Montreal.

The CIP is also part of a process of strategic neighborhood planning, in progress, and can only be achieved through the finalization of this collective process and the implementation of the neighborhood action plan.