The Park Extension Round Table


The idea of implementing a Round Table in Park Extension arose out of a need to create a multi-sector concertation entity that would garner support from the neighbourhood’s residents, actors and partners and thus become a functional player having the leadership and  competence to foster concerted action.

Here’s a brief description of the mission, values, objectives and desired changes of the Round Table as they were collectively defined and chosen by the Park Extension residents and community actors during the First Big Gathering on April 12-13, 2019.


The Round Table is a local social development collaborative mechanism that brings stakeholders together to achieve its mission: To improve the quality of life and the living conditions of citizens and to promote their rights and collective interests.


  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Openness
  • Respect


  1. Develop and share a common vision of the neighbourhood;
  2. Mobilize the neighbourhood stakeholders and authorities around this common vision;
  3. Implement inclusive democratic processes that factor in the neighbourhood’s cultural diversity;
  4.  Ensure that concrete steps are taken to improve the quality of life and living conditions of the people in the neighbourhood;
  5.  Receive and administer donations other contributions of similar nature in cash or real estate, and organize subscription campaigns to raise funds for charitable purposes.

desired changes

  1. More quality, affordable and accessible housing for all
  2. Integrated food security strategies
  3. Cohesive child and youth development initiatives
  4. Comprehensive programs toward the socioprofessional integration of the residents
  5. The residents know and use the resources and services available


Here’s a short clip prepared by the city and narrated by author Dany Lafferière, who provides an overview of the mission and goals of neighbourhood round tables.

Here’s a video featuring the Round Table’s work for 2018-2019

History of the Table

The first steps towards the creation of the Roundtable were taken in 2015, when a monitoring committee was established. Its main task was to conceive a cross-sectoral and multi-network round table.

The round table’s was officially created on June 16th 2018, during the foundation assembly that gathered many citizens and spokespeople from different community organizations eager to bring positive change in the Park Extension community.

July 2018: The board members have undertaken many actions to ensure the table’s successful implementation and operation. 

November 2018: The Table welcomed Amina M’haia, liaison officer, whose role consists in implementing the Collective Impact Project (PIC). Upon arriving at William-Hingston Center, she has strengthened the Table’s ties with the community and financial partners, allowing to lay the groundwork for the strategic planning of the neighbourhood.

March 2019: the Table welcomed its coordinator, Patrice Tchinda, whose mandates consists in implementing the Table’s mission by taking up its managerial functions, such as its human and financial resources as well as its operations management. He also develops and maintains the Table’s strategic orientations and objectives to ensure its continuity and outreach.

August 2019: The Table welcomed two new collaborators, Tatiana Burtin, mobilisation officer and Audrey Ann Lavallée, communications officer. Those latest additions will allow the Table to extend its community outreach through the creation of mobilisation and communication plans, therefore ensuring that the Table’s activities promote inclusive and accessible concerted action.

Board of Directors

Nelson Ossé


Savita Taheem

Vice President

Oumar Gueye

General Secretary

Jo-An Jette


Rose Ndjel


Muhammad Zafar Kamran


Anil Rathore


Nelson ojeda

Representative of the sectoral round tables

Suzanne Cloutier

Representative of the community organizations

Nizam Uddin

Representative of the associations

Eve Gauthier

Representative of the public institutions

Joelle Lacroix

City of Montreal observer


Coordonateur de la Table

Amina M’haia

Agente de Liaison

Lawyer in Algeria and member of the Red Crescent, Amina M’haia has been a social justice advocate for more than 7 years, both on a professional and voluntary basis, before joining the Park-Extension Neighbourhood Round Table team.

As a liaison officer, she promotes best practices for socio-community development by ensuring a successful strategic planning.

She believes in humans and their ability to put forward the wealth brought by cultural diversity.

To her, a successful migratory experience is only possible through community support and solidarity.

‘’…tout bien fait à l’humanité provient de l’esprit humaniste,’’ Ibn Badis 1938

Tatiana Burtin

Agente de Mobilisation

Holder of a PhD in Comparative Litterature from University of Montreal and from Sorbonne, professor and researcher, Tatiana has spent the last few years dividing her time between community organizing in various concertation organizations and being a stage director for the  Passeur de Voix collective.

Upon moving to the neighbourhood 5 years ago, Tatiana fell in love with multi-ethnic and homely Parc Ex. As a mobilisation officer for the Round Table, she strives to develop and reinforce the community life to incite its actors to reflect on a collective approach to shape its future, a very challenging endeavour!

Audrey Ann Lavallée

Agente de Communication

A Parc-Ex resident since 2014, Audrey Ann is trained in social anthropology (UNC-Chapel Hill) and in Law (McGill), and undertook many journalistic and linguistic internships in the Middle East, mainly in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Qatar.

The Neighbourhood Rountable is the opportunity to put her communication and cultural mediation skills to good use ensuring that the community can advocate for its rights and interests and access the services that it needs.

Financial Partners

Annual Reports

English Description

Annual Report 2018-2019

The Table is pleased to present its annual report for 2018-2019.

Annual Report 2019-2020

to come

Annual Report 2020-2021

to come
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